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Sara Howell
Commissions and Past Work

Paper Collage, Acrylic
Jonesboro, Ar.

Sara Howell, a lifelong resident of Jonesboro has been making art in Downtown Jonesboro since 1987.  She opened Sara Howell Studio & Gallery in 1995, where she exhibits her work and work of regional artists.  She has a BFA from Southern Methodist University.  She also studied art at Loyola of Chicago’s Rome Center in Rome, Italy.

Her collage work comes from life observations, love of nature and a desire to improvise.  The papers, often collected for years, some natural, and some painted, are essential to her work.  She combines old sheet music, words from books from the early 1900’s and linoprint images.

“The medium I am most comfortable with is collage. The layering of papers creates the textural surface that is so often used in my landscapes.”

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