Heide Carlisle

Jonesboro, AR

The “Salt-Soda” firing process is what essentially sets Hidden Cove Pottery apart from much other pottery.  This pottery is truly functional and yet each and every piece is unique.  The hand-built kiln, the serendipitous nature of the flame, the clay, the final fired temperature all yield pots that often have what I call that “ahh-factor.”

As a ceramic artist who came to pottery after a career as a family and consumer science teacher,  my interest is in how pottery pieces can be used every day ---to enliven our experience with food and entertaining, enhance our homes by bringing art into our everyday rituals and thereby enriching our bodies, minds and souls.

Each and every piece is unique with signature pieces being especially so.   Traditional salt-soda fired pottery has so much visual gravity.  I try to give my pottery lift and personality by visually elevating it with legs or bases, and using  handles, texturing, or patterning  that give pots  “a lift.”