Tammy Morris

Fused Glass
McCrory, Ar.

Fused glass is glass that has been fired or heat processed in a kiln at temperatures ranging from 1100 degrees F. to around 1500 degrees F.  Different temperature applications result in changing effects on the glass.
My glasswork is an expression of the beauty of nature and a celebration of color.  After teaching for 15 years in the Arkansas Public School System, I gravitated to working in art with the warm glass medium in 2008, and and it's been an ever evolving challenge with each piece I create.  With my work, I'm inspired by textiles, traveling, and the beauty of color in glass, textures, and depth.  With this inspiration, I try to continue to push limits of what can be created by its versatility.  I create thick slabs of glass by combining sheet glass, glass paints, frit, and stringers. I love to create functional and decorative pieces with a modern flair.  With each piece, I'm always amazed by its beauty.  I will continue on my journey to extensively study, experiment, and try to become the best artist I can be. 

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