Jill Davis

Drawing, Pastel, Charcoal, Pen & Ink

Jonesboro, Ar.

When drawing a tree, a building, a landscape, a person, still-life, or even a dream, a relationship develops between me and the subject. Fleeting or intense, it determines the type of image.  The distance and time it takes to perceive the essence of the subject is pulling me. Space, line, gesture, and form are directing me. Maybe my own sense of composing is based on my own awkward sense of balance, so asymmetrical compositions are constant. Layering my compositions for years in transparent textures, hues, and values, pulls me into a work and then moves me out to the edge of my window.  Dependence on what I visualize is undeniable.  Thankfully it has replaced the media imagery with an environment of my reality. “The more you look the more you see.” Stories, non-fiction and fiction, as well as dreams and thoughts become mental theatre productions. Always. Yes, I am sensitive, a rare trait in today’s too-busy-to-notice-anything-but-the-screen-images world. Actually, I am mentally, physically, and visually disabled according to the discriminating world; but from these challenges my visions reflect and resonate an inners complexity, a delight in the random humor of life.  Bill Nye describes creativity as a “hypothetical tornado swirling its way through a hypothetical junkyard.” Guess he has seen my studio, one of my brain scans, or my art classes. Creating lets me turn my mind into a sieve that lets noteworthy images pass through to the medium. Affected naturally and emotionally by years of working with teachers and administrators, I am aware that only some things make it to success. Combine this with intense expression via a bipolar focus, and drawing becomes an actual dance on a surface! Drawing has taken me from Little Rock to Morocco; from Chicago to the Smokey Mountains; from  near poverty to international scholarships; from famous people back to family and friends; from possible  lawsuits to art exhibitions, and from A.S.U., to U. of A.,  to Arrowmont, Art Educaton, West Ark, and beyond.  Now when drawing a tree, a building, a landscape, a person, still-life, or even a dream, I know that a relationship will develop between me and the subject.  Fleeting or intense, it will claim a part of me and a part of me will go to the work.

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