Thyrsie Cahoon

Jonesboro, AR

I’ve been drawing since I was two. I loved to draw animals, especially deer. When Bambi was re-released to theaters in 1966, I was seven, and went deer drawing crazy.  I loved the animals I came in contact with growing up in Arkansas. In the mountains of the Ozark’s, you aren’t far from streams, woods, and dusty gravel roads. Walking under hazy blue skies of late summer I found land turtles or “box turtles”.  Beautiful black and grey reptiles with orange and yellow striping are perfect companions for free summers.  Memories of sparkling creeks swimming with crawfish, jumping grasshoppers, wildflowers, dew berries, and bachelor buttons. Much later I took art classes at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville, however I graduated with a degree in zoology. Today, I am a full time office manager for and architecture firm. However, sketching and journal as much as possible, I continue to study under watercolor artists whose styles I admire.

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