Staci Thompson Adman

Recycled Bottle Glass Beads
Kenmore, WA

Staci Adman was born in Seattle, attended Cottey College in Nevada, MO, and received her BFA in Painting from the University of Washington, where she focused on painting in egg tempera.  After college she worked at a small jewelry studio in Seattle making jewelry from hand-blown glass tubing.   Staci now works in her own studio in Kenmore, Washington, creating with glass, metals and fiber, and painting in a variety of media.  She always loves to experiment with new materials, and it occurred to her several years ago to try making lampwork glass beads from the beautiful blue glass of a Bombay Sapphire gin bottle. That was when her line of jewelry called “Happy Hour Beads” was born – jewelry created with beads that she makes one at a time at her bench-mounted torch by melting the glass of colorful used glass bottles.  The glass beads in this jewelry were created from the glass of used bottles.  Staci breaks up glass bottles of interesting colors and uses her bench-top torch to melt the glass pieces, forming beads one at a time in the hot flame. She designs necklaces, bracelets, and earrings with her recycled glass beads.