Jimpsie Ayres

I grew up on a farm in the South. Our playmates were the trees and birds, animals, and whatever we could make ourselves: paper dolls, snowflakes, dioramas for our toy horses, drawings. . . lots of drawings. From an early age I understood art and imagination to be a way to enter into a realm of unlimited possibility. We spent most of our time outside and in the woods, so it has been a natural progression for me to be interested in landscape painting. I love organic plant forms contrasted against the planar shapes of the earth, the ever-changing sky and water. To be outside, a silent onlooker as sunrise becomes morning and then afternoon, is when I am happiest. To record my observations and feelings on canvas feels like a secret privilege. The only thing I know for sure is that beauty is a nonverbal truth, able to move the hearts and minds of people into the realm of unlimited possibility. I want my work to serve as an entry point into that transcendent landscape.